Jenny Odegard

New York


We are a boutique New York law firm specializing in consulting with creative professionals. We represent, counsel, and advocate on behalf of agencies, creative small businesses, and artists. Odegard Law is here to support and value our community, so they can focus on what they do best. Let us take care of the strongly worded letters.

We believe that the law and legal problem-solving methods are very powerful and use those tools to empower our clients. This means making sure your contracts actually help you. It means putting processes in place to make sure that you are paid on time and that your ideas are protected, all while establishing long-lasting positive relationships.


We provide multi-faceted representation for our clients to facilitate their innovative work.


Who we are
Creative firms are not average businesses, but most law firms treat them that way. Founded this firm in 2014, our client roster includes boutique marketing agencies, designers, creative directors, apparel brands, production companies, and many other imaginative businesses.

Jenny Odegard, Founder. 

I started this law firm with the goal of being an advocate for the creative class in New York, which I saw being neglected by the larger legal industry. I began working with freelancer friends and independent agencies, growing the practice to represent people and companies in marketing, advertising, production, designers of every variety, makers of beautiful objects, the fashion industry, and many more. I have helped take companies from an idea over a beer to flourishing businesses by establishing new companies, creating contracts systems, working with vendors, talent, and employees, resolving disputes and handling negotiations, and protecting intellectual property rights.

Before I started my law firm, the best job I’d ever had was as the editor-in-chief of my university’s arts weekly. In the intervening years, I’ve looked for roles that could be as creative and challenging as that one, leading me to work in politics, policy, nonprofits, public relations, and eventually to attending law school. During law school, I focused on alternative dispute resolution and business law. After graduation, I spent two years on the social content team at a legal marketing firm before starting this business.

In addition to my work as a lawyer, I also write for various publications (including Forbes), and previously served on the New York City Bar Association’s Committee on Professional Ethics.

I live in Manhattan, where I like to drink a lot of coffee, jog in Central Park, make spreadsheets, and ponder the finer points of post-modernist thought.

Those so inclined may peruse my full resume here.



Transparency and easy billing practices are at the core of our business, because constantly watching the clock gets in the way of a trusting and collaborative relationship. We believe that being effective advocates means keeping lines of communication open, so we answer brief questions and respond to emails and texts without additional charges. We are available for coffee, a drink, or a meeting at the office.

Odegard Law offers flexible pricing and payment plans to suit each client’s specific needs, including flat fees for document preparation and mutually agreeable caps for hourly projects. We always discuss pricing in detail, in advance.


We are no longer accepting new cases, but offer our clients a referral to Samendinger Law.